About Jacque Howard


  • First name Jacque
  • Last name Howard
  • Address 755 Franklin Street
  • City Trenton
  • State NJ
  • Zip 08610
  • Home Telephone Number 609-433-0489
  • Cellular Telephone Number 609-433-0489
  • Date you can start work 8/2/2022
  • Salary Desired Hourly wage
  • Are you cannabis certified? no
  • Are you in need of certification training? No

  • Hours Part time
  • Both
  • Both
  • Status Temporary
  • Are you authorized to work in the U.S. on an unrestricted basis? Yes
  • Do you have a non-violent cannabis related arrest record? No
  • Can you perform the essential functions of the job with or without reasonable accommodation? Yes

  • School Name Art Institute of Philadelphia
  • Degree Info Associates Fashion
  • School Address Chestnut Street Philadelphia PA

  • Experience, Knowledge and Skill Relevant to the job position for which you are applying
    Award winning radio, TV and media Host. Social Media expert. Google Local Guides Level 10 Project management and editing and production efficient.

  • Reference Name Dan Regan
  • Reference Address/City/State Hamilton NJ
  • Reference Phone Number 609-346-1680
  • Reference Relationship Friend
  • Reference Name 2 Karen Hernandez-Granzen
  • Reference Address/City/State 2 1140 Greenwood Ave Trenton NJ
  • Reference Phone Number 2 609-695-8025
  • Reference Relationship 2 Pastor
  • Reference Name3 Edveina Stansbury
  • Reference Address/City/State 3 1842 S. Broad St
  • Reference Phone Number 3 609-695-1300
  • Reference Relationship 3 Station Manager

  • Job Title #1 Trenton 365
  • Start Date (mo/day/yr) 5/1/2011
  • By placing your initial here, I acknowledge that all information on the application is true jph
  • Date 8/2/22
  • Viewed 25
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About me

Jacque Howard is Trenton’s modern-day visionary. Through civic engagement, he aims to help Trenton unleash its untapped potential, making it a worthy reflection of its population’s vibrant talent and diversity. Howard has taken many strides towards achieving this goal through various community-building projects and partnerships over the years.

Although Jacque’s many projects are multifaceted, diverse, and seemingly disparate, they all have one thing in common—they are each a testament to Howard’s gift at transforming the sometimes-overlooked facets of quotidian life into a means to enact greater social change and inclusion. Overall, Howard doesn’t wait to be prompted or to find glaring oversights to get involved. He seeks not merely to fix, but to improve and create anew. Howard’s many efforts to change his community for the better are conveniently spelled out here by the acronym R.E.A.C.H. (Recreation, Environment, Art, Civics, Health).

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