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About Our Company

Cannabis Equity Employment is a job database that provides a pathway to employment in the cannabis field and beyond for individuals with past cannabis convictions.

For decades the war on drugs has caused substantial harm, disproportionately affecting Black, Indigenous, and People of Color and people from other marginalized communities, reinforcing societal inequality, and contributing to a vicious cycle of criminalization and mass incarceration. Cannabis legalization is a great first step, but does not go far enough to undo the damage done by the decades of prohibition and the racist and unjust enforcement of drug policy. While corporations are making great profits selling cannabis, there are still far too many people who have limited employment opportunities or who are still in jail because they were criminalized for doing the same.

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The founders of Cannabis Equity Employment, Cord Schlobohm and Jesse Marie, both have past cannabis convictions and understand the harm a past conviction can cause. They also understand the vast, largely untapped pool of talent that so many employers might be overlooking. People with past cannabis convictions make up the legacy of the cannabis marketplace and are the experienced experts the newly legal cannabis industry needs

Prospective Employees:

Anyone with a past cannabis conviction looking for employment, feel free to submit short form application and start applying today! This is a job database in which you do not need to worry about your past conviction, instead we believe you should be prioritized in the hiring process because of it. Instead of basing hiring decisions on an outdated stigma, employers will base their decisions on your knowledge, talent, and experience. This job database is private and your information will only be available to employers who are looking to hire. Cannabis Equity Employment prioritizes the rights and privacy of job applicants in the database, allowing them the power and discretion to disclose their records when they see fit.

Please stay posted for future job training and educational events. We are offering free cannabis job training and certification programs, resume writing workshops, interview practice sessions, and career mentoring to help you highlight your talents and skill sets, no matter what your job history may look like.

Prospective Employers:

Sign up and start featuring your job posting today! The NJ Cannabis Regulatory Commission has recommended giving hiring preferences to applicants who have past marijuana convictions as part of the restorative justice component of the new cannabis law. We are providing an easy pathway for employers to find knowledgeable and experienced candidates who have been negatively impacted, and still are, by the now defunct cannabis prohibition laws in many states. You’ll not only be benefiting your business, but you’ll be helping to set the standard for a more equitable cannabis industry.

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